Jay Sorauf

Listening partner, energy work & divination

Hello, I am James (Jay) Sorauf. I am a creative, high energy and out of the box kind of person.

I am someone who creates a safe space to be in. I am a good listening partner and can offer advice. Granting clarity is my goal.

If you feel like you are struggling, maybe in yourself or externally, you can feel the drain this places on your energy. As someone who understands that, I offer a few ways to be supportive to you:

Jay zonder achternaam
  1. I help calm the mind a little by meditation or energy work.
  2. I can offer a listening session, that allowing you to express this frustration and perhaps offer a different perspective.
  3. As a tarot reader I have spreads that can function as a “lets look at this problem/frustration from another perspective.

In all of these I offer gentle support and try my best to create a safe space for you to express and talk out your frustrations. I create a level of trust that allows you to set down the frustration that is on your back and help you look at situations differently. I hope to give at least some relief to your situation, even if it was just for a short time.

Wat brought you to Levenscentrum Saol and what drives you?

I am here to explore, learn and share experiences with others. I am driven to help and grow as much as I can in this lifetime and I feel that the life center is a perfect place to do these things.

I set up, along with Dominique, the server where Focus Sessions and attunements are held. I also perform maintenance on the server.

I feel that I can help others because we all go through frustrations and struggles. Mine have taught me that sometimes you need to talk it through. Laying the problem out completly to see a solution and asking someone can often bring some fresh energy and support, as well as a completely different way of looking at it.

What does Being mean to you?

My vision on being is the ability to allow the self to shine, explore and be able to live in a way that lets you grow in a safe space. I see being as both a self and communial thing, as we are all interconnected as one of us grows it affects those around us.

What does that mean for the way in which you work?

In that sense it means while I am working around my chronic health conditions I create spaces in both time and surroundings to let myself work. I do things in short sprints getting as much done as I can. I allow myself to let my creativity drive me forward, usually in a almost flow state of being.

With the people that come to Levenscentrum Saol, most of what I do l creates clarity; be it meditation to clear up the mind and spirit, or tarot to grant a different look and perspective.

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