Hello, I am James (Jay) Sorauf. I am a creative, high energy and out of the box kind of person.

Wat brengt je bij het levenscentrum en wat drijft je?

I am here to explore, learn and share experiences with others. I am driven to help and grow as much as I can in this lifetime and I feel that the life center is a perfect place to do these things.

Wat betekent Zijn voor jou?

My vision on being is the ability to allow the self to shine, explore and be able to live in a way that lets you grow in a safe space. I see being as both a self and communial thing, as we are all interconnected as one of us grows it affects those around us.

Wat betekent dat voor de manier waarop je werkt?

In that sense it means while I am working around my chronic health conditions I create spaces in both time and surroundings to let myself work. I do things in short sprints getting as much done as I can. I allow myself to let my creativity drive me forward, usually in a almost flow state of being.